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The Carson Flatbed Utility. The Backbone Of The Trailer Industry.

The backbone of the trailer industry is the Flatbed Utility trailer. Carson makes a full range of Flatbed Utilities designed for everything from household chores to hard working industrial trailers. Whether you're a weekend warrior looking for a 4'x 8' single axle assistant or a hardcore tradesman in search of an 8-1/2', wide-bed, industrial strength, multi-ton flatbed, we've got the trailer to suit your specific requirements.

As both the oldest and largest utility trailer manufacturer on the west coast, Carson Trailer's warranty has the credibility you need for such a serious investment. We've been taking excellent care of our clients for over 22 years and are extremely well situated for the long run. When you need us, we'll be here. And, not only do we service what we sell, but we're the only manufacturer offering replacement parts for every last one of your trailer's components. Whether you need to replace the screws holding your wood floor in place or the kit to replace the entire floor, we've got it. We've even gone the extra mile to implement comprehensive service departments at many of our dealerships. And, should it be necessary, you can always bring your trailer back to the factory where our quality craftsman will give it the highest level care.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction means that not only do we stock a remarkable array of parts and components, but we're happy to build to your custom specifications. So, now you can have both the trailer of your dreams and the confidence that only Carson Trailer can provide.

Every single Carson Trailer Flatbed Utility Trailer is built over 2,000 GVWR, with the brake flange welded onto the axle. Should you wish to add brakes to the primary or second or third axle, all you need is our brake kit, pliers, a screw driver and a 9/16" socket. We're one of the few manufacturers to offer brake flanges on non braked axles. So, you're no longer forced to swap out axles or have flanges custom welded to suit.

GVWR: 7000 LBS
Frame: Channel Iron
Bed: Formed Flat Bed Material
Brakes: Electric One Axle
Floor: 2X10 Doug Fir
Any size up to 26' in both 8 ft. and 8 1/2 ft. wide. This trailer is designd for loading and unloading with a forklift. It is a full 8' or 8 1/2' wide bed with wheels under and comes with stake pockets all around.

Exterior Colors:
Polar White Dark Gray Gardena Blue
Black Light Gray Safety Orange
Victory Red Forest Green Safety Yellow

Brakes On Both Axles 3500 lb
Brakes On Both Axles, Heavy Duty
Head Board, 4' Tall
8' Ramps & Storage
Extra Length