The Carson Tow Dolly.

The Tow Dolly That's Designed To Outlast Your Expectations.

If you're considering moving cross country, but have two cars in your household or need to haul a car or jeep behind your motor home, it's time to take a close look at the Carson Tow Dolly. Whether it's your first time towing a vehicle or you're an old hand, you'll quickly understand why our Tow Dollies are considered among the best in the business.

Tow Dolly Trailer by:

First of all, we both powder coat and rust proof all our Tow Dollies. With your Tow Dolly resting only 3 feet behind your tow vehicle, it's going to have to withstand mile after mile of abuse from road debris and moisture. Powder Coating is several times harder than paint and can withstand gravel, winter salted roads and whatever else comes its way. This powerful combination gives you a skillfully protected Tow Dolly, designed to stay great looking for years to come.

Next, given the degree of vibration that Tow Dolly fenders are subjected to, our engineers opted to construct them from hand laminated fiberglass and to mount them on a vibration absorbing bolt system and bracket. All our Tow Dollies feature American made tire bonnets with Kinedyne webbing as well as S.A.E. bearings, races & seals. These are all easily obtained, high quality parts, regardless of your location.

Every Carson Tow Dolly part is kept in stock. Email us today at for your free parts book.


Tow Vehicle Tread Width: From 40” to 80”
Max Overall Width:
(at Front Doors for Vehicle in Tow)
Overall Width: 102"
GVWR: 2990 lbs.
Tire Size: ST205/75D14
Coupler Size: 2” Ball