Give your new motorcycles or ATVs a ride they'll never forget, on one of Carson's popular ATV trailers. Built on one or two axle configurations and accompanied by tons of great options like side-ramps, electric & hydraulic brakes, chrome wheels, winch mounts, and more!

Our popular ATV trailers are available in all of our standard exterior colors, so your new toys will be riding in pure style. Let's do this!

Designed For The True ATV Enthusiast. Our ATV trailer's ingenious 8' wide, over-the-wheel deck, means you can carry not one, but two standard width ATVs, side by side. Customize it with rear ramps or a ramp gate, for effortless loading. Configure your trailer as either a single axle or tandem, giving you the ability to carry between two and eight ATVs or up to twelve dirt bikes. Select an ATV Trailer model capable of handling anywhere from 1 ton to 2-1/2 tons. How's that for epic?

For You Desert Rats... There's the Quad Side-Loader. This is the consummate ATV trailer for quad riders. With a lower deck than our traditional ATV trailer models, it allows for fast and easy, side loading. Now you can off-load the quad you want without having to unload the ones you don't. This trailer's specially designed side rails also function as loading ramps. And, to allow for loading/offloading from either side, you can customize it further with additional side ramps.