If you're considering purchasing a toy hauler, look no further than the Carson Fun Runner. Not only have we been building trailers for over 20 years, our Toy Haulers are among the most renown in the U.S. At a time when many of the biggest names in the business have ceased operations, the Carson Toy Hauler Trailer Division has continued to update, innovate and expand, offering more models than ever before. Today we're considered one of the dominant manufacturers in the niche.

Separated From the Pack. We're a family run business who personally use the products we build and sell for our own enjoyment. We've thrived because we take tremendous pride in our product, our reputation and in being a reliable asset to the trailer industry at large. We've never stopped reinvesting in our company as we're genuinely in it for the long haul. And, we never cut corners. For the exterior siding, Carson always uses .030 mill thickness aluminum siding, compared with the .023 mill thick siding used by most of our competitors. That's almost 25% thicker! And, don't forget to compare our metal roof construction against the competition. The majority of trailer manufacturers use rubber roofing to cut corners. Our superior construction is engineered to be long lasting, so you'll enjoy lower maintenance costs and fewer repairs.

That's Simply the Beginning. Because we actually use our toy haulers while living the off-road lifestyle, our interiors reflect the functionality and ease of care that most off-road enthusiasts dream of. We know what it's like to dry camp at the dunes or in the desert or mountains. That's why we don't install carpeting or cloth curtains. We dislike the way those things catch dirt, just as much as you do. Instead, we've implemented easy-to-clean flooring and window treatments that truly stand up to dust and dirt. But, should you wish to convert your coach into a vacation home, we've got carpet kits that are easily installed and removed. And, that's just the beginning of what we can do to customize your new trailer. Whether you need the roof raised to accommodate taller vehicles, longer lengths for increased cargo room or longer ramp doors to accommodate your low profile sports car, we can build to spec.

This is YOUR New Trailer. We'll customize your appliances, reconfigure your design features and even engineer to suit. Do you want to add or remove a refrigerator or air conditioner or install a push/pull electric vent fan? How about adding or removing interior walls, cabinetry and windows? Perhaps you've got a unique idea for your interior/exterior colors, materials, fabrics and/or flooring. Even if your situation calls for custom GVWR capacity, we'll work diligently to help you create the trailer of your dreams.

We Never Stop Testing Our Products. We recently tested a Fun Runner Toy Hauler demo unit on site at a trade show, to give visitors a live example of how truly superior our product really is. Three Carson Trailer staffers dry camped in a "Fun Runner SB 252" demo model for 3 nights. At night, the temperature dropped into the twenties, yet the heater kept them perfectly comfortable, without missing a beat. They had plenty of hot water, with each of our staffers taking normal showers, each and every day. By the end of the trade show, the holding tank was still at 2/3's capacity.

A Trailer That Works as Hard as You. If you're like most off road enthusiasts, you work hard and play hard. It's time you had a toy hauler trailer that works just as hard as you do. Be sure to visit a Carson Trailer dealer near you and start planning for the trips of your lifetime.