When it comes to return on investment, nobody engineers heavy duty trailers like Carson Trailer. All trailer frames are built with the highest quality steel, available. The wood decks are custom built, then painted with both sun block and water sealant to maximize deck longevity. All trailers are equipped with sealed beam or incandescent lighting designed for easy access.

At Carson, we paint both the top and bottom of our trailers to insure long term corrosion resistance. Our heavy duty trailers consist of four distinctive model lines. All are industrial-strength work trailers, featuring "above the tire" trailer beds. All 4 lines are available in both 8 and 8-1/2 foot widths.

And, whenever you need parts, Carson has you covered. We are the only national trailer manufacturer featuring a truly comprehensive parts department. We stock and/or have access to every last one of your trailer's components, down to the last screw.

Our heavy duty trailers consist of four distinctive model lines. All are industrial-strength work trailers, featuring "above the tire" trailer beds. All 4 lines are available in both 8 and 8-1/2 foot widths.

Both flat bed over-the-wheel & tandem dual gooseneck trailers are designed with either a gooseneck, king pin configuration or pintle tow behind, due to their industrial load capacities of up to 24,000 lbs GVWR. With its "over the wheel," design, the Carson flatbed is designed to be loaded/unloaded by either forklift or crane. Both units come standard with stake pockets all around. Our tandem dual flat bed comes reinforced with 12" I-beam frames featuring 3" channel cross members. Carson heavy duty tandems come stock with features such as: electric brakes (both axles), breakaway switch & battery, 12,000 lb. capacity spring loaded, drop leg tongue jacks, spare tire with mount and rub rails. All heavy duty trailer models can be customized to accommodate virtually any and all your special needs.

Heavy Duty Equipment Trailer The Carson heavy duty equipment trailer resembles our standard car hauler, on steroids. With its heavy duty, 6" channel frame & tongue construction, full wrap-around tongue, 3,500 lb. drop leg jack, breakaway kit (with battery) and 8 tie down pockets, it's designed to keep you on the jobsite, day in, day out. Because you can't afford to lose business with a poorly engineered trailer that requires continual repairs. Whether your work with heavy manufacturing, construction, agriculture or municipalities, our Heavy Duty Equipment Trailers are designed to measure up, year in, year out. Featuring high quality tires and wheels as well as the most advanced axle and suspension assemblies available anywhere. 102" wide, this trailer comes in lengths ranging from 16' to 20' and GVWR's ranging from 10, to 14k lbs.

Flat Bed Over-The-Wheel Trailer The Carson flat bed over-the-wheel trailer is ideally suited for fork lift side loading. It features custom, stake-pocket punched steel side-rails all the way around. We also use custom formed steel cross members on a spread of 16 inches for enhanced strength and durability. And, you've got your choice of GVWR, ranging from 7k to 16k lbs as well as our popular gooseneck option. Combine all this with the fact that you can add and remove customized side components for your unique loading needs and the Carson flat bed over-the-wheel trailer is, without a doubt, one of the smartest, industrially appointed trailers on the market.

Tandem Dual Gooseneck or Pintle Carson's tandem dual gooseneck, with its bed over the wheel design, is a big favorite among contractors and municipalities hauling back-hoes, tractors and other heavy equipment. Dump trucks normally have a pintle hitch as standard equipment so, a pintle eye tow set up is a perfect fit for a trailer rated for 15,000 lb plus.

With our gooseneck option, a contractor with a 1 ton pick-up can tow a back-hoe or tractor to a construction site without having to rent or purchase a larger tow vehicle. The gooseneck distributes the load weight directly over the tow rig's axles, which makes hauling a heavier load both feasible and safe.

Choose between our pintle coupler with 20,000 GVWR or our gooseneck model with 24,000 GVWR. Available in two unique, rear configurations, you can opt for either the 5' pop-up dovetail with slide-in ramps or the 5' fixed dovetail with (3) fold-over ramps. Both designs also feature a complete flat deck bed, suitable for flat cargo storage.

Slope Deck 53' Four Car Hauler As one of the trailers most sought after by car dealers, auto wholesalers and transporters, Carson's slope deck 53' four car hauler is renowned for its clever design & increased efficiency. Equipped standard with flip-over extension arms in both, front and rear, this trailer expands up to an additional 4-1/2 feet in length. Combine this with the electric-over-hydraulic braking system on (3) 7,000 axles and adjustable gooseneck or king pin coupling configuration and it's easy to see why this trailer is an absolute must-have for serious, commercial auto movers. Imagine being able to deal with more oversized loads, far more easily!