Carson has five enclosed cargo models which cover virtually every enclosed trailer configuration you'll probably ever need, from economy moving models to equipment or racecar haulers and more. Our diverse line-up includes the Carson Economy Light, the Carson Enclosed, the Carson Hiway Cargo, the Carson Racer, and if you're keen to be the envy of the highway, the Carson Racer Deluxe. We absolutely have the enclosed cargo trailer you're looking for!

The Carson Economy Light Enclosed Trailer The Carson Economy Light model will cost you less than renting a traditional hauling trailer for a 1-way, cross country trip. Imagine keeping the trailer you just used to move for the same cost as renting and returning it. We're not kidding! You should even be able to sell it for close to what you paid for it, so it would be like using a trailer for free. This is the trailer of choice for college dorm moves, motorcycle transport and all around recreational use.

The Carson Enclosed Trailer The Carson Enclosed is the hands-down winner for value. Available in sizes ranging from 5'x8' to 8 1/2'x30' and longer, its capacity runs the gamut from 2,995 to 12,000 lbs. and more, GVWR. Available in single, tandem and triple axle models, this inexpensive trailer has a lot to offer, both as a recreational trailer or a solid piece of equipment for the working professional.

We also offer The Carson Enclosed Wide Body. This 8' wide trailer is available in lengths ranging from 16' to 28', and its towing capacity runs from 7,000 to up to 21,000 lbs., GVWR triple axle. It's the ideal car or toy hauler and comes with 100 exciting options including: barn doors, rear ramps, side doors, side ramp doors, concession eoors and side windows. You can even opt for custom front living quarters, because at Carson Trailer, we're ready to build your dream trailer, right down to the kitchen sink.

The Carson HiWay Cargo Trailer The Carson HiWay Cargo model is aero dynamically designed and engineered to meet the rigorous demands of everything from small businesses to industrial juggernauts. No matter how unusual your transportation requirements may be, our dedicated team can build the perfect Carson HiWay Cargo Trailer, just for you. Also available in 5th wheel and V-Nose body styles!

The Carson Trailer Racer Series The Carson Trailer Racer model is not only shrewdly engineered for the toughest tasks, but its sleek exterior design makes it eye candy for the race trailer crowd. We like to think of it as beauty meets the beast. Our Racer Trailer models are designed to make a big impression everywhere you and your business team go, from trade shows to races and specialty functions. Anytime, anywhere you need to wow the crowds while showcasing your wares.

Your Carson Racer Trailer comes standard with features including: electric brake torsion axles*, 1/4" plywood walls, radial tires, bright polished aluminum corners and roof trim, just to mention a few highlights. The Racer line ranges from 5' to 8'-1/2" width and 2,995 To 18,000 lbs., GVWR. Carson Trailer Racers are available both as bumper pulls and 5th wheels. Our 5th wheel models have the highest GVWR capacity. You'll also find we offer an extensive list of options designed to please the most discriminating trailer buyer. Everything from custom colors, custom interiors, air conditioning, living quarters, generators, custom lighting, concession doors, and virtually anything else you can dream of.

The Carson Trailer Racer Deluxe Model Your Carson Trailer Racer Deluxe models come standard with completely finished interiors topped off with white vinyl coated walls. Their .040" aluminum exterior walls (with no exterior fasteners) and chrome rims work seamlessly to create one of the most beautiful and exceptionally clean looks you'll find anywhere. You'll be hard pressed to find a trailer through any other manufacturer that's as affordable and as impressively built as the Racer Deluxe.